The Company

Our company began in 2004 with the key aim of providing plastic injection moulding and manufacturing to New Zealand companies, within New Zealand. Driven by a desire to ‘do it smarter’, our focus is on the results you need. We combine a clever mix of traditional and unconventional manufacturing techniques to cater for our customer’s individual requirements and can craft a solution whatever your situation.


With a strong background in toolmaking and design we have the experience and know how to avoid unnecessary costs. We will work with you closely to identify and define the parameters of a project, whether quantity, quality or budget and give you a customised, straight-up result.

Based in Dunedin, JTech believes manufacturing can be achievable without moving offshore. We know there are companies across New Zealand looking for manufacturing solutions locally. Our aim is to give options that are tailored to the needs of our customers rather than having a ‘one policy for all’ approach.

We’ve recently added a 3D printer for rapid prototyping to help us validate our customers’ designs and prove concepts before committing to tool builds. We’ve also been able to use the printer for work that we never expected, such as quickly manufacturing complex jigs for machining and operating our printing machine. Whilst 3D printing is not suitable for every job, it has a place in the design process and complements our existing equipment and expertise.

How we work

At JTech the focus is simple – we manufacture straight-up results. What’s key to us, is starting with the result you want and we work back from there. Ultimately, if we know what the part needs to do, for the price you require, we can ensure that the design, tool making and manufacture will deliver the result you need.

Just like our customers we’re a hardworking team genuinely doing our best for our clients, so “If it’s not good for you, then it won’t be good for us”.

The People

Jason Hollis – Operations Director
Training as a toolmaker and working for some of New Zealand’s most iconic manufacturing companies started Jason on a path which could only have ended up with him running his own company. Securing a tool designers position and having an employer prepared to support his own ambitions beyond his employment was vital in setting Jason up with the skills to go it alone.

Competing against the best young tradespeople in the world at the 1999 Youth Skills Olympics in Montreal, Jason could see the skills and abilities of those around the globe were not too different from the people he’d worked alongside and trained with in NZ. Jason’s combined work history with positions on the factory floor through to managing some major design projects and implementing them into full production have set him up well to share these skills and knowledge with his customers.

Jason’s personality is “straight up” with no mucking about. He prides himself on thinking through the most complex of task and achieving an outcome or result simply. His 20 years of experience and can do attitude help deliver – “Straight up results”

Deanna Hollis – Director

Deanna keeps the business on track. A qualified chartered accountant she brings financial experience from the business services team at a global accounting firm and seven years as a management accountant within a large finance team.

Deanna’s core responsibility is administration support for the business. She provides accounting knowledge, strategic advice and financial planning. Her experience ensures JTech operates efficiently.

Deanna enjoys meeting new and interesting clients, each with their own unique ambitions and business activities.

Joshua Christiaans - Engineering Technician
Josh worked for JTech Plastics briefly after finishing high school, prior to enrolling at Polytechnic. He enjoyed the experience of working in the engineering and production environment as he chose to train as a mechanical engineer. Now Josh is a qualified tradesman and has several years of industry experience behind him.

The team at JTech are stoked he’s joined them once again and are keen to see his skills and knowledge grow further alongside the growth of the business. Josh is the hub of productivity around the factory and workshop. He’s focused on keeping the machinery running efficiently and maintaining a high standard of quality product. Josh is enthusiastic about the future working with the team at JTech and is excited to be part of a business doing some really cool things for some really cool customers.